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• Complete audiology services

• Latest hearing instruments from leading manufacturers (Oticon, Widex, Siemens,
ReSound and Starkey)

• Hearing instruments are always selected based
on the patient's budget, type and severity
of hearing loss, and lifestyle

• Hearing instruments are always properly fitted
and programmed for maximum benefit

• We provide lower pricing on hearing instruments than most other audiology practices

• Most hearing and hearing instrument
insurance benefits are accepted


You have a hearing loss and you want the best solution. Therefore, you need the right hearing instruments fitted and programmed correctly so you will enjoy the maximum benefit today's technology can deliver.

Determining the Right Hearing Instruments
for YOU

(By Randall Bartlett,
Our Clinical Audiologist)

Step 1: Providing you the right hearing instruments requires ongoing homework for me. When a new hearing instrument is first introduced, I study its strengths and compare them to that of the other instruments on the market. This allows me to easily make a confident choice based on each individual's unique situation.

Step 2:

When I meet with you, I will ask specific questions to gain a thorough understanding of your personal needs and wants. These will enable me to comprehend your lifestyle, personal wishes and budget constraints. The specific questions I ask will cover subjects such as how often you find yourself in noisy environments, whether you are frequently around children and if you wish to better enjoy music or live theater.

Step 3: I will test you to determine the type and extent of your hearing loss. Some of these tests are discussed on our Services page.

Step 4: Based on the findings of the tests and your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget, I will suggest the best hearing instruments for YOU.

Step 5: I will fit and program the instruments based on the test findings so you will enjoy maximum benefit. My expectation is you will become thrilled as you realize just how much your new devices will improve your quality of life.

Why Choose Us?

• Proven Success (over 30,000 patients evaluated or treated since 1978)
• Expert Diagnostics
• Experience (over 35 years)
• Availability of in-office and 1-week demonstration fittings
• Extended no-obligation trial period (60 days)

We pledge we will select the right instruments for you based on your type of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget, and will fit and program your new devices properly so you will experience maximum benefit.

Sensitivity to Your Needs

Whether you are new to hearing instruments or you have been wearing hearing aids for some time, you will likely have questions. You will never feel rushed, as it is my desire for you to leave my office delighted with your experience.

You Are a Hearing Aid Wearer and Your Hearing Aids are 3 Years Old or More

If you come visit me and try the new technology, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Today's hearing instruments are remarkable in their ability to help you effortlessly understand speech, hear better in background noise and enjoy the richness of the sounds of music. I welcome you to visit me and "take a test drive."

Your Trial Period

You will receive an extended, 60-day trial period. During this time, I encourage you to contact me as much as you wish. My job is to provide you a significantly improved quality of life and I aim to achieve this.

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